18th-Century French School Portrait Of A Lady In Pink

18th-Century French School Portrait Of A Lady In Pink

A fine mid-18th-century portrait of a young lady wearing a sumptuous pink gown with side hoops along with an impressive robe. Her hair is powdered and styled according to the fashion of the 1750s/60s.

During this period, court attire was elaborate and desperately uncomfortable. It was influenced by the Rococo taste and included hoop skirts, panniers, corsets, petticoats and colourful decoration. Many women found it impossible to sit, which was in part deliberate as it reminded them to stand in the presence of the King.

This particular lady bears a slight resemblance to Princess Henriette of France (1727-1752) who sat for Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766) and wore a similarly ostentatious outfit.

The portrait is unsigned but it’s clearly by a competent hand. There are some nice details, particularly in the drapery.

Oil on canvas
Overall size
29” x 24” / 74cm x 61cm
Year of creation
c. 1760
Provenance France
Very presentable. The canvas is a beautifully thick 18th-century linen that’s been relined as part of a historic restoration. The stretchers have also been replaced. There’s craquelure throughout as you would expect but the paint layer is stable.

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