Please be assured that we inspect every painting, drawing or print to check for issues relating to its condition during its time here with us. When we notice a fault or potential problem, we will note this down on the item's condition report, which can be found within each listing. We take various steps to ensure that your artwork will stand the test of time but we're unable to offer any warranties or guarantees as we're just one custodian in a potentially long line of previous owners.

Our inspections include a check for any signs of woodworm, historic or otherwise, as this is not unusual in antique frames or stretchers. If we discover any small holes, we treat the wood with a solution which states that "its deep penetration ensures effective protection for many years and prevents re-infestation". With this in mind, it's very unlikely that any future issues will occur, especially given that the wood may also have been treated by previous owners. However, as mentioned above, we are unable to provide any warranties or guarantees - just be assured that we care.

Also, many of the paintings include hanging equipment, namely wire or string. Sometimes this is already present when we purchase an item so we check to see if it's been attached correctly. However, we can't test the durability of this equipment as many of the paintings are sold quickly. So please do seek any advice if you're unsure how to hang your paintings correctly, especially if they're heavy, and do check on them from time to time.

If you have any questions at all, please just ask. 

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