Axel Thorsen Schovelin was a precocious talent and he joined the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of just 12.

He enjoyed painting the beautiful countryside around the City, and often went to Jægersborg Dyrehave or ‘The Deer Park’, a forest park north of the capital, and had a particular fondness for its ancient oak trees. Towards the end of his life, he published a collection of etchings, ‘Strange Old Danish Trees in Particular Oak and Beech’, which were highly regarded in their day.

Artist’s auction highlight: £13,206 achieved at a Danish auction for ‘Parti af Landsbyen Kragholm paa Faareveildgods paa Langeland’.

Axel Thorsen Schovelin, View From The Deer Park

Axel Thorsen Schovelin Painting