Phillipe De Rougemont, Portrait Of A Woman With Folded Arms

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A magnificent oil on canvas depicting a middle-aged lady in profile with her arms folded. What do you get from her? We’re seeing strength and a sense of defiance.

The artist, Louis Philippe Edgar de Rougemont (1891-1965) was born in Lille, France, and studied at the Académie Delecluse in Paris. He was the son of Pastor Alfred de Rougemont and Baroness Franziska von Stain zu Lausnitz.

In 1919, he moved to Stockholm where he established a studio and married Sigrid Wahlström. Here, he became known for producing fine interior scenes and enigmatic portraits - including several for Swedish dignitaries.

The portrait is housed within a highly decorative carved and gilded foliate frame - a work of art in itself.

Inscribed on the reverse.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 25” x 29” / 63cm x 73cm
Year of creation: c. 1935
Provenance: Sweden
Condition: Very presentable. A little scuffing around the edges. Frame with some cracks and a missing piece at the top but generally stable.
Artist’s auction highlight: £2,786 achieved for ‘Balettflickor’ in 2009 in Sweden.