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Westerop, Wilhelm (1876-1954)

Westerop was known for his portraits of animals, particularly horses and dogs. Given his high level of proficiency, it's likely that he was regularly commis...
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Wiedh, Anselm (1897-1964)

Anselm Wiedh (also known as Anshelm Dahl) was a Swedish painter who worked during the early to mid-20th-century. His body of work includes quaint rural lands...
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Wiliquet, Maurice (1913-1991)

The landscapes of Belgian artist Maurice Wiliquet are abundant with rippling grass and wavering waters, mill houses and farm homesteads sinking peaceably int...
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Wirkner, Wenzel (1864-1947)

Austrian artist Wenzel Wirkner is primarily known for his impressionistic landscape paintings that often depict picturesque valleys and lakes. His style is f...
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With, Eric (1916-2000)

Eric With was a self-taught Swedish artist who conducted independent study trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. He’s represented at several m...
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