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Høst, Oluf (1884-1966)

Oluf Høst is known mostly for his expressive landscape paintings, which are bursting with colour and often fetch in excess of £20,000 at auction. Høst studie...
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Ilsted, Peter (1861-1933)

Danish artist Peter Ilsted created intriguing interior scenes which saw him form part of what was known as the ‘Copenhagen Interior School.’ Often overshadow...
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Impens, Jos (1840-1905)

Jos Impens studied at the Academy in Brussels and is best known for his interiors, scenes and nudes. Over the years, he often painted his studio and it reads...
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Jansson, Alfred (1863-1931)

Alfred Jansson was of Swedish descent but immigrated to America to continue his development as an artist. He lived in Chicago for many years and thrived amon...
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Jensen, Arup (1906-1956)

Danish painter, C. Arup Jensen, specialised in marine scenes - with a particular focus on the harbour at Copenhagen. He studied at the Royal Academy and work...
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