Voltz, Ludwig Gustav (1825-1911)

Voltz, Ludwig Gustav (1825-1911)

Ludwig Gustav Voltz was an accomplished German painter of landscapes and animals. Born into a creative family, his early tuition was undertaken by his father, Johann Michael Voltz, and older brother, Friedrich Voltz, with the latter a particular inspiration. Hailing from Augsburg, he spent most of his life in Munich where he exhibited regularly having attended the Academy.

His iconic works tend to depict several horses illuminated by radiant light - with emphasis placed on chiaroscuro. Unusually, his animals, although painted skillfully, are given less prominence than the overall effect of the view. We also see this compositional nuance in his brother’s work.

Numerous dignitaries provided patronage including the Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria and his son Leopold, for whom he undertook several horse portraits. His hunting scenes and still lifes with game were also popular with the aristocracy.

Towards the end of his career, he often travelled to the Alps to capture the grandeur of the foothills.

Voltz is represented at the Bavarian State Painting Collection and the Buchheim Museum.



Public Collections

Bavarian State Painting Collections, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Buchheim Museum.



Born in Augsburg, Germany, to Johann Michael Voltz, an artist, and Margaretha Anna Voltz (nee Knörzinger).

Initially trained by his brother Friedrich Voltz and his father.


Enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.


Debuted in Vienna.


Debuted in Munich.

Elected a member of the Munich Art Association.


Died in Munich.

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