Vickers, Alfred Henry (1834-1919)

Vickers, Alfred Henry (1834-1919)

Alfred Henry Vickers was a well-travelled painter of European landscapes, primarily around England and the continent. He was born into an artistic family and like his father and grandfather, he exhibited at the Royal Academy.

It’s likely that he was trained by his grandfather, Alfred Vickers Senior (1786-1868), as his father passed away when he was three years old.

Alfred’s son, Alfred Charles, also became a painter.


Born in Cheetham, Manchester. The son of artist Alfred Gomersal Vickers (1810-1837) and grandson of Alfred Vickers Senior (1786-1868).


Death of his father.

Probably taught by his grandfather, a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy.

1841, 1851

Registered as living with his grandparents.


Exhibited ‘Near Folkestone, Kent’ at the Royal Academy. Living at 26 Arlington Street, Islington.

c. 1860

Coastal View With Church & Cattle

Alfred H Vickers


Exhibited ‘Allerzein on the Nocker’ at the British Institution.


Exhibited two works at the British Institution.

Birth of son, Alfred Charles in Calais, France.

1881, 1891

Living with wife, Caroline, and son in London.

c. 1900

River Landscape With Coastal Buildings

Alfred H Vickers

River Landscape With Coastal Path

Alfred H Vickers


Living with his son, Alfred Charles, who was also working as a landscape painter.


Died in Islington aged 85.

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