Trouillebert, Paul-Désiré (1829-1900)

Trouillebert, Paul-Désiré (1829-1900)
Trouillebert, Paul-Désiré (1829-1900)

Paul-Désiré Trouillebert was one of the better-known landscape painters of the 19th-century but his portraits were equally delightful. He was a student of Ernest Hébert (1817-1908) and Charles Jalabert (1819-1901) who both worked in a polished academic style. As a result, his early approach was broadly the same, which led to several appearances at the illustrious Paris Salon.

But during the 1860s, his style began to change as he embraced a new zest for expression. His landscapes became lyrical, fluid and evocative. This gradual evolution also seemed to affect his portraiture, which featured a greater emphasis on emotion.


Born in Paris, France.

Studied under Charles Jalabert (1819-1901) and Ernest Hébert (1817–1908).


Debut at the Salon.


Exhibited 'Au Bois Rossignolet', a landscape painting, at the Salon to much acclaim.


Died in Paris, France. 

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