Soper, Thomas James (1836-1890)

Soper, Thomas James (1836-1890)

Soper was primarily a landscape painter and he travelled to various parts of the UK to capture picturesque views. He was particularly fond of the countryside in Devon and spots along the Thames.

During the mid-19th-century, rural landscapes were increasingly popular with the growing middle-classes. Art was becoming a little more accessible and painters such as Thomas James Soper, Thomas Creswick (1811-1869) and Alfred Vickers (1786-1868) were meeting that demand.

Soper’s approach is rooted in British romanticism and stems from John Constable’s passion for the countryside. But it’s also noticeably different due to its quicker, more obvious, brushwork. He probably painted most of this outdoors before returning to his studio to add refinements.

Thomas James Soper exhibited widely during his lifetime including at the Royal Society of Artists, British Institution, Royal Academy, Royal Society of British Artists, and Royal Institute of Painters. His works are held in several museums.

Nationality: British
Born: 1836
Died: 1890

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Thomas James Soper, Rural Landscape With River & Distant Church

Thomas James Soper, Rural Landscape With River & Distant Church
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