Robert-Fleury, Tony (1837-1911)

Robert-Fleury, Tony (1837-1911)
Robert-Fleury, Tony (1837-1911)

Tony Robert-Fleury was an accomplished painter of portraits, genre scenes, and history. He was a regular exhibitor at the illustrious Paris Salon and was awarded three medals. Later in life, he became a teacher at the Académie Julian in Paris where Édouard Vuillard and Sir George Clausen were taught by him.  

The Art Journal magazine referred to him as a friendly gentleman with a professional demeanour. "His courtesy and affability, concealed by a slight crust of coldness, at which nobody could possibly take offence."


Born in Paris. Son of painter, Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury (1797-1890).

Studied under Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) and Léon Cogniet (1794-1880) at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris.


Debuted at the Paris Salon with ‘Varsovie, Scène de l'Insurrection Polonaise’, where he was awarded a medal.


Awarded a medal at the Paris Salon.


Awarded a medal at the Paris Salon.


Awarded a first-class medal at Universal Exhibition.


Awarded a gold medal at Universal Exhibition.


Awarded the Commander of the Legion of Honour.


Died in Paris.

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