Rheinemann, Albert Leopold (b. 1833)

Rheinemann, Albert Leopold (b. 1833)

Albert Leopold Rheinemann produced rich landscapes imbued with a sense of nature’s power over man. He was a painter in the romantic tradition and studied under the great, Hans Fredrik Gude (1825-1903). Many of his works depict coastal scenes with fierce waves crashing over jagged outcrops. But, like Gude, he was equally adept at capturing a calm sea and a picturesque fishing village.


Born in Koblenz, Germany.

Studied in Berlin under Carl Scherres (1833-1923) and probably Carl Steffeck (1818-1890).

Enrolled at the Baden School of Art, Karlsruhe, and studied under Norwegian landscape painter, Hans Fredrik Gude.

Worked in Berlin.

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