Rasmussen, Aage (b. 1892)

Rasmussen, Aage (b. 1892)

Danish artist Aage Rasmussen captured Copenhagen in the early 20th century in quick, sudden splashes of paint upon the canvas. The blurred faces of passers-by add motion to his works, capturing the buzz of a burgeoning metropolis, whilst emotion is caught in vibrant colours.

The sun christens sharply the side of buildings, the bold technicolour of women’s fashions compliments that of flowers set for sale on the street. Everywhere there is the suggestion of life. Rasmussen’s impressionistic inspired work is evocative, a true snapshot of life in Denmark in the early 20th century.

Whilst little is known about Rasmussen’s life, it is clear from the works that remain that he must have lived for some time in the capital of Copenhagen. Perhaps whilst there he participated in numerous artists’ exhibitions, or even studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. What is undoubtedly clear is the inspiration he garnered from the life of the city. From the people passing in the street to the trees rooted to the pavement, Rasmussen captured it all.

Rasmussen is not to be confused with another artist named Aage Rasmussen (1913-1975) who became a successful poster artist.



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