Panitzsch, Robert (1879-1949)

Panitzsch, Robert (1879-1949)

Robert Gustav Otto Panitzsch was born in the USA but later immigrated to Denmark and became a national. He’s particularly well known for his interior scenes and tended to paint sunlit rooms with female occupants.

His father worked as a stationmaster and sometimes Robert would accompany him and draw while sitting in the waiting room. You can imagine how exciting it would’ve been to quickly sketch various travellers before they scuttled off on their journeys. On one occasion, his skilful drawings caught the eye of a distinguished gentleman from Emperor Wilhelm's court. It’s said that he was so impressed with Robert’s potential that he guaranteed his acceptance into the Imperial Academy of Arts in Berlin.

Following his time at the Academy, he worked as a church painter and met his future wife, Fanny Christensen, who was working for the Red Cross. This marriage ultimately led to him becoming a Danish citizen later in life.

It’s interesting that he became a Danish citizen as his painting style suits the often introspective nature of Danish genre scenes.

The Danes have a strong heritage of capturing an evocative atmosphere and Panitzsch would’ve enjoyed the inspiration.

Perhaps he was a quiet, reclusive character that revelled in the subtleties of everyday life over the beauty of the great outdoors.


Born in Mecklenburg, Schuyler, New York, USA to Gustav Karl Adolf Panitzsch and Amanda Emilie Panitzsch (nee Wendt).


Admitted to the Imperial Academy of Arts in Berlin.


Married to Fanny Vilhelmine Christensen (b. 1888).


Emigrated to Denmark


Gained Danish citizenship.


Died in Copenhagen.

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