Masters, Edwin (act. 1862-1877)

Masters, Edwin (act. 1862-1877)

British artist Edwin Masters is predominantly known for rural scenes depicting the hustle and bustle of rustic villages. His works are reminiscent of 17th-century Dutch school landscape paintings and abundant with charming figures. 

From our initial research, it’s clear that Edwin Masters wasn’t his actual name as several other artists produced works in a near identical style - for instance, Georgina Lara. There’s also a William Paul Lara (possibly previously known as William Paul Rogers) who worked around the same time.

A search of the Ancestry records highlights several painters within the Lara family including William’s children Clara Georgina Maud Lara, Ernest Lara and Percy Leslie Lara but none of these match the correct dates. With this in mind, it’s entirely plausible that the family were working together under different names - probably for a local dealer. And perhaps William Paul Lara was the catalyst for the artistic side of their endeavours.

‘Georgina Lara’ exhibited at the British Institution and some of her works are held at the Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum in Bournemouth.

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