Lampa, Gunnar (1873-1952)

Lampa, Gunnar (1873-1952)
Lampa, Gunnar (1873-1952)

Swedish artist Gunnar Lampa took inspiration from the call to passion and expression in developments in art during his time in his effusively rendered scenes of Stockholm life.

Lampa began his artistic studies at the preparatory Technical School. However, instead of advancing to the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, as was traditional, Lampa instead attended The Artists' Union's school. This had been established in protest about the Academy’s refusal to acknowledge modern developments in art.

Over the course of the second half of the 19th century, impressionism and other styles of art were becoming more and more popular, and ever represented in galleries and institutions. Some academies, however, were remaining resilient to the rising tides, thus affording the necessity for other educational establishments.

After his studies in Sweden, Lampa continued to enrich his artistic learnings in Paris. He attended the Académie Carmen, established by renowned artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903). Here, Whistler’s progressive, spirited approach towards art would have infused Lampa’s learnings with a further call towards modern experimentation.

Unfortunately, little is known of the details of Lampa’s life after his learnings. However, the works that remain suggest he returned to Sweden and settled in the Stockholm region. Indeed, he is listed as exhibiting at the Liljevalch's Art Gallery, within the city, in 1916.

Lampa presents cityscapes of the Swedish capital with a rousing impressionist zeal. There is an immediacy in his quick brushwork and the blending of his colours to create a haze suggesting pace, the beating heart of the city pulsing onwards. The city becomes imbued with glorious moments of sunlight bursting through clouds. It picks up the creamy white walls and terracotta rooves of the buildings and emphasises the great spires rising towards the azure skies. Lampa marries with his modern verve a good sense of composition and depth. The result is works infused with much energy which are still recognisable as the Swedish capital, which seem to celebrate its life.


Born in Tillberga, Västmanland, Sweden.


Studied at the Technical School.


Studied at the Artists' Union School.


Studied at the Académie Carmen.


Exhibited at Liljevalch's Art Gallery.



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