Kulle, Axel (1846-1908)

Kulle, Axel (1846-1908)
Kulle, Axel (1846-1908)

Swedish artist, Axel Kulle, worked in the tricky space between two competing ideas. On one hand, his training at the Academy was based upon traditional principles, but on the other, he was aware of modern artists such as Édouard Manet (1832-1883). When we look back across his body of work, this ambivalence is clear to see - and it adds an interesting tension.

At times, he produced scenes around traditional topics, such as families within rustic cottage interiors. These feel fairly rooted in the past. But he could also create light-filled outdoor scenes that sit closer to modern French painting. According to his students, he was quite a morose gentleman, a thinker. So perhaps these competing forces remained with him throughout his career.

Today, Axel Kulle is represented at the National Museum in Stockholm, Malmö Museum, and the Gothenburg Art Museum.


Born in Lund, Sweden.


Enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm.


Studied in Dusseldorf.


Studied in Paris.


Elected a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm. 


Died in Stockholm, Sweden.

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