Krause, Heinrich Max (1861-1931)

Krause, Heinrich Max (1861-1931)

Heinrich Max Krause was a German artist predominantly known for his atmospheric landscapes and coastal scenes, which often depict views from the North of England and Scotland. He was trained by his father, the landscape painter, Franz Emil Krause, who probably trained at the Berlin Academy.

He worked under various pseudonyms including Max Sinclair and it appears that the landscapes he produced in this name were for the art dealer, George Wilson. His relationship with Wilson began around 1880.

His works are held in several public collections including the National Library of Wales.


Derby Corporation Art Gallery, Sheffield Society of Artists, Southport.

Public Collections

National Library of Wales, Fylde Council Town Hall, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Manx Museum.



Born in Biesdorf, Berlin, to Franz Emile Hermann Krause (1836-1900), a landscape painter, and Johanne Henrietta Amelia Stock.

Taught by his father. His brother Emil Albert Krause (1866-1922) also became an artist.

C. 1876

Moved to the UK with his family and lived in Manchester.


Began exhibiting.

Referred to in the Runcorn Examiner in connection with a sale of pictures removed from the gallery of Southport-based artist and art dealer, George Wilson.

“Important Unreserved Sale Of High-Class Oil Paintings, removed from Mr. Wilson's Gallery, Duke Street, Southport. Jacob & Greetham have great pleasure in calling the special attention of Collectors, Dealers, Connoisseurs, and the Public to this particularly interesting sale, which will take place on Friday and Saturday, the 9th and 10th instant, at one o'clock each day, at their Auction Rooms, 10, Church Street, Liverpool. The entire Collections numbers nearly 300 examples, and includes the following well-known works: …

F. Krause* - Important examples by this leading Manchester artist, who has exhibited at Manchester Fine Art Exhibition, Dudley Gallery, and other leading exhibitions, and whose pictures have been sold for very large sums. Max Sinclair, A.R.S.A. Interesting series of pictures painted for illustrating the well-known work ‘Scenery of the British Isles,’ including views in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Lake District.”

*It’s plausible that the F. Krause referred to here is the father, Franz Emile Hermann Krause (1836-1900). This would mean that the dealer, George Wilson, was representing the father and son. If this is the case, he possibly knew that Max Sinclair was in fact Max Krause who was not an associate of the Royal Scottish Academy as stated. Either that, or perhaps Franz Krause introduced his son to George Wilson as Max Sinclair. In another piece from 1880, Wilson refers to Max Sinclair as a ‘gifted pupil’ of F Krause.

Referred to Aberdeen Free Press in connection with a sale at Christie’s.

“Mr John Christie, in conjunction with Mr Wilson, Fine Art Expert and Auctioneer, of London, begs to call especial attention to the Lovely Pictures, including many Scottish Landscapes by Max Sinclair. Exhibitor at all the leading Fine Art Exhibitions.”


Lived in Cheetham, Prestwich, with his parents and siblings.

Referred to in the Cheltenham Chronicle in connection with a fine art sale at the Corn Exchange.

“Several landscapes by Max Sinclair are worth especial notice; the colouring, softness of tone, true atmospheric effects are very fine, and if he continues steadily to work under his accomplished master, Mr. Krause, he bids fair to come to the front rank of landscape painters, seeing that he is but 23 years of age.”

Referred to in the Burton & Derby Gazette in connection with a fine art sale at the Exchange Buildings, Derby.

“Max Sinclair's pictures are remarkably true to nature, and are well worthy of attention.”

Referred to in the Aberdeen Free Press in connection with a sale.

“Mr Max Sinclair - This artist maintains steady progress, both in quality and in intrinsic value of productions. He is continuing studiously to apply himself to his art, and appears to have greatly benefited by his outdoor studies in the Highlands and Lake district during last summer. He proposes again to visit Scotland this year, and Mr Wilson still predicts a brilliant career before him. He exhibits this year at Bond Street, Dudley Gallery, Manchester, Newcastle, and other exhibitions. His colouring is remarkably fine, and very soft.”


Awarded a commendation for ‘Advanced Art Perspective’ in 1883 by Manchester Technical School and Mechanics Institution.

Referred to in the Gloucester Citizen in connection with a sale at the Corn Exchange Gloucester of pictures selected by Mr George Wilson.

“Max Sinclair - The proprietor refers with pleasure to the fact that he had the honour of introducing this gifted young Artist's pictures to the public, to whom they are now so familiar. Lovely bits of scenery, exquisite in colour and perfect in manipulation, broad, vigorous, harmonious, and true in every respect to nature, combine to render them ever popular and increasingly valuable.”


Married Mary Jane Mansell (1861-1930).


Referred to in the Eastbourne Gazette in connection with an exhibition at the Devonshire Park Pavillion.

"...there is a series of landscapes and coast scenes by Max Sinclair, a young north of England artist who is making a name for himself. Lately, he has been making sketches in Eastbourne and the district, and he is said to be engaged in a powerful picture representing Beachy Head. His colouring is exceedingly fine.”


Lived in Liverpool.


Lived in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.


Lived in Sale, Cheshire.


During World War I, his father changed his name to Emil Albert Stock due to anti-German sentiments.
Moved to Salford.


Lived in Southport.



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