Kotsch, Theodor (1818-1884)

Kotsch, Theodor (1818-1884)

German artist Theodor Kotsch is predominantly known for his sublime landscapes in the romantic taste. Born in Hanover, Germany, he was self-taught but gained valuable experience alongside Albert Zimmermann. The mainstay of his formative years involved an intense study of the old masters.

Romanticism, in contrast to naturalism, imbues nature with a poignant sense of otherworldly grandeur and Kotsch was an expert. His epic vistas elevate a view with rich chiaroscuro and masterly composition. Often, he creates majesty by including a setting sun, its gentle glow radiating over the horizon. While also enlivening a dark wood to suggest mystery in perpetuity - man cowering in its wake.

Theodor Kotsch

Theodor Kotsch, Landscape With Figures (1855)

Theodor Kotsch

Theodor Kotsch, Evening Landscape With Shepherd (c.1850)

Kotsch was a quiet recluse, lost in his work, who expressed his emotion through the vistas he treasured.

He’s represented at the National Gallery, Berlin and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Born in Hanover, Germany.


Travelled to Munich.
Studied with Albert Zimmermann.


Began exhibiting at the Munich Kunstverein.


Returned to Hanover.


Moved to Karlsruhe and worked alongside Johann Wilhelm Schirmer.


Returned to Hanover.


Moved to Munich.


Died in Munich, Germany.

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