Hughes, Edwin (1842-1922)

Hughes, Edwin (1842-1922)

Edwin Hughes was an accomplished British genre painter known for his charming portrayals of Victorian life and ‘costume paintings’ with historical references. An optimistic suitor offers a white rose to a demure young lady, a ragged middle-aged gentleman dozes following a day of manual toil, and 18th-century aristocrats share a cordial greeting.

Working from London, he exhibited 16 times at the Royal Academy between 1872 and 1892. His father was a picture dealer.


Royal Academy, Dudley Gallery, Royal Society of Artists in Birmingham, Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, Manchester City Art Gallery, Royal Academy, Royal Institute of Oil Painters.



Born. The son of a picture dealer.


Debuted at the Royal Academy with three works including ‘The Poor Seamstress’. He exhibited a total of 16 works between 1872 and 1892.


Reviewed in ‘The Portfolio: An Artistic Periodical’ following an exhibition at the Dudley Gallery.

“A Rare Edition, by Edwin Hughes, is a small picture, daintily painted, and finished with a good breadth of light and shade.”



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