Heath, Henry Charles (1829-1898)

Heath, Henry Charles (1829-1898)

Henry Charles Heath was a fascinating character and a highly regarded Victorian artist. He was the son of talented engraver Charles Theodosius Heath (1785-1848) and brother of engravers Frederick Augustus Heath (1810-78) and Alfred Theodosius Heath (1812-96). Several articles have been written regarding his distinguished career and controversial lifestyle.

Heath trained at the Royal Academy Schools and took up miniature painting after the death of his father in 1848. He gained a good reputation as a miniature painter but before too long, the advent of photography began to erode his opportunities. It seems that Heath was an industrious fellow as he then turned his hand to photography and worked for many years as a professional photographer - even creating a new technology involving instant processing.

In 1872, he returned to miniature painting and gained several commissions from Queen Victoria. He’s known to have painted many portraits of the Queen, the Prince Consort, and the Princess with one being sold at Christie’s in 2001 (hammer price £20,000).


Henry Charles Heath exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1851 and 1898.

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