Balmer, George (c. 1806-1846)

Balmer, George (c. 1806-1846)

George Balmer was born in North Shields and would’ve known this location well. He enjoyed his local surroundings and often painted fine views along the coastline. His father was a house painter and George initially took up the family trade. However, his talent for art pulled him in another direction.

Balmer was predominantly self-taught but did receive some early tuition from painter John Wilson Ewbank (c.1779-1847). He also undertook various trips to Europe - particularly Holland, Switzerland, and Paris where he spent several months studying the old masters at the Louvre.

However, Balmer was always happiest when working in his local area.

Nationality: British
Born: North Shields, c. 1806
Died: Durham, England, 1846
Under John Wilson Ewbank (c.1779-1847)

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George Balmer, Marsden Rock

George Balmer, Marsden Rock
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