Fox, Nicholas Percy (1870-c.1943)

Fox, Nicholas Percy (1870-c.1943)

British artist Nicholas Percy Fox painted landscape scenes of the views around Britain.

Whilst very little is known about him, it seems Fox worked predominantly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Indeed, he exhibited on a number of occasions at the Royal Academy, and at the Royal Institute for Painters in Water Colours.

Fox’s address at this time was listed as being in Harrow, London. This would have made it easier for him to participate in the art world in its very capital.

Furthermore, it seems that Fox’s family had accrued some wealth. The census of 1891, when Fox was only 21, lists his mother as living on her own means with two servants. Fox himself is already listed as an artist. One gets the impression Fox possibly had the financial and social ability to pursue a career in art.

Fox’s work is awash with moody tones. A view of sailing boats captures a setting sun amidst looming clouds. The sea is seemingly transitioning from the calm setting for leisurely bobbing about in a boat to the unknowable leviathan of night. Fox effectively captures the sun’s dying light upon withering waters, whilst rapid brushstrokes churn clouds to devour the eggy spill of the sun. Fox paints with a naturalism evocative of Constable, a drama reminiscent of Turner, and a sense of immediacy in spirit with the impressionists.

Whilst very few examples of Fox’s work remain, they do suggest that he took trips to Hampshire, and specifically the Isle of Wight, to garner inspiration. Indeed, it also seems that Fox was living in Hampshire at the time of his death.

It is a shame such little record remains of an artist with clearly enough skill to exhibit at the Royal Academy on a number of occasions. The sun, seemingly, has set far too soon on Fox, and he has been swamped by the clouds of time.


Born in Middlesex, Britain.


Exhibited at the Royal Academy.


Exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours.


Exhibited at the Royal Academy.


Exhibited at the Royal Academy.

C. 1943

Died in Hampshire, Britain.

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