Fleur, Willy (1888-1967)

Fleur, Willy (1888-1967)

Dutch artist, Willy Fleur, was a specialist flower painter that imbued his decorative compositions with objects inspired by the Far East. His father and grandfather both worked in the former Dutch East Indies and undoubtedly returned home with various pots, vases and bowls to inspire him.

Working predominantly in The Hague, he studied hard to capture nature’s beauty with broad daubs of colour. There’s a charm to his stills, a sense of sparkling joy radiating from abundant flora.

His works were shown at various exhibitions including at the Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Royal Art Hall Kleykamp.


Born in Markelo, The Netherlands.

Lived and worked in Rotterdam.

Admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, Rotterdam. Studied under Huib Luns, A. Spoon and J. G. Heijberg.


Moved to The Hague.

Admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague.


Became a member of the Dutch Art Circle.


Died in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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