Bergdahl, Ivan (1929-2021)

Bergdahl, Ivan (1929-2021)

Swedish artist Ivan Bergdahl produced a large oeuvre of landscape paintings throughout his successful career, covering the beauteous and shifting scenery of the Swedish countryside.

Bergdahl first achieved his big artistic break with a 1962 exhibit at Elsa Lindström’s Modern Art in the Home Environment. Such an exhibition was part of a growing popularity in Sweden for art to become more widely available, and for artistic practice itself to be something any individual could achieve. He was also granted a government scholarship to further his studies.

Bergdahl’s works have an urgency reminiscent of the post-impressionist views of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). Small, stuttering brush strokes are melded in various forms to invoke nature. At once they are both creating the jagged blocks of stony shores and the wandering, liquid life of river waters.

Trees captured in their decay are set alight in autumnal colours, invoking fire through their wavering stance. Indeed, colour is an incredibly important device to Bergdahl. Winter scenes compliment the stark, blank canvas of snow with the melting, glistening hues of a setting sun. Autumn leaves become wild forest fires, and winding waters are floods of rich, deep azure.

Bergdahl was a member of the Swedish Artists’ Association.


Born in Säbrå.


First exhibited at Modern Art in the Home Environment. Awarded the Swedish-Norwegian cooperation fund.


Awarded the State Cultural Scholarship.



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