Behm, Karl (1858-1905)

Behm, Karl (1858-1905)

German artist Karl Behm is primarily known for lighthearted genre scenes, which celebrate friendship, family and love. His style was rooted in the past and many of his subjects were timeless - couples courting, children playing and potential suitors offering flowers.

His fascination for romantic everyday themes stemmed from his admiration of the old Dutch masters. Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) being one plausible influence. His fascination for the 17th-century led to him producing many works depicting subjects from the period. For example, in 1889, a work titled ‘A Wedding in the 17th-Century, and another portraying two children dressed in attire from yesteryear.


Born in Güstrow, Germany. The son of a merchant.


Attended the Royal Prussian Academy of Arts, Berlin.


Attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.


Died in Munich, Germany.

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