Baker Of Leamington, Thomas (1809-1864)

Baker Of Leamington, Thomas (1809-1864)
Baker Of Leamington, Thomas (1809-1864)

Thomas Baker was a British artist primarily known for his idyllic landscape paintings depicting picturesque views of the countryside. He was commonly referred to as Baker of Leamington.

Born in Birmingham, he initially trained under Joseph Vincent Barber (1788-1838) and alongside fellow landscape painter, Thomas Creswick (1819-1900). Barber was a keen influence on his career and probably introduced him to the delights of Warwickshire where Baker produced many of his works.

Barber’s influence is also evident in Baker’s compositions and general style. Both have their roots in the old masters with Barber being particularly concerned with endless views, hazy light, and distant mountains. Yet Baker had a way of blending this with a gentler appreciation for the British idyll. The trees seem as if caught by a breeze - you can imagine the ebb and flow of branches. And blue Summer skies are often abundant with white clouds.

Thomas Baker was an industrious artist that produced around 900 paintings in his career. His work was shown at the Royal Academy from 1831 and he’s represented in several public collections.

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