Provincial 19th-Century Landscape Painting, Dyrehaven, Denmark

Provincial 19th-Century Landscape Painting, Dyrehaven, Denmark

A charming late 19th-century landscape painting depicting one of the entrances to Copenhagen’s Dyrehaven (Deer Park).

This wonderfully crackly old piece is full of character and it's a window back in time. Can you imagine scuttling along in your carriage with your scarf blowing in the wind? While on your right, a busker keenly squeezes the accordion and sings a familiar tune.

If you look a little further down on the right, you’ll spot a gatehouse, which is adjacent to an old thatched cottage. This is one of fifteen gatehouses into the Deer Park, which has been a popular attraction since the mid-18th-century.

The gates have always been painted in their characteristic red and labelled with the monogram of the reigning monarch. They’re still an important feature of the park today and visitors can hop aboard a hackney carriage to see the deers in style.

The painting is housed within a 19th-century gilt frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 29½” x 21½” / 75cm x 55cm
Year of creation: c. 1895
Provenance: Denmark
Condition: Heavy craquelure throughout and yellowing. Frame with some age-related wear.

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