Pair Of Danish Family Portraits

Pair Of Danish Family Portraits

A charming pair of small portraits depicting two members of a Danish family. An inscription on the reverse is hard to decipher but seems to mention that the pair are related.

Both are wearing the fashion of the mid-19th-century. For ladies, this included bonnets decorated with ribbons and bows that were worn towards the back of the head. While gentleman were expected to wear shirts with upstanding collars and cravats or neckties.

The portraits are housed within what appears to be their original giltwood frames which are elaborately decorated with foliate.

Oil on board
Size including frame
13¾” x 15⅔” / 35cm x 40cm
Year of creation
c. 1865
Both portraits have a few small scratches here and there but nothing major. The frames have losses but have been touched up accordingly.