Otto Goetze

Interior With Standing Nude & Mirror

Otto Goetze

Interior With Standing Nude & Mirror

This early 20th-century etching by German artist Otto Goetze (1868-1931) depicts a nude within a bedroom setting.

She poses while holding a mirror and catching her reflection. Goetze was a master of provocative scenes such as this. Seemingly obsessed with the female form, his skilful etchings portray women in various states of undress.

It’s interesting to consider how tastes changed during the period he worked and how the line shifted between nudes as an artwork and the more overt world of eroticism. Swedish artist Anders Zorn (1860-1920) is one of the more prominent artists of this genre, particularly during the early 20th century. His earlier depictions of nudes were often portrayed under the guise of mythological subjects - wood nymphs and such - making them more palatable for display in the home. However, as time progressed, they were simply a celebration of form.

Here, in around 1915, we see a work by Goetze that suggests a narrative. She’s perhaps looking at her hairstyle. Checking whether it’s ok from the reverse. She happens to be naked but within the boundaries of acceptable taste. Note how she’s without pubic hair. To include more details below the waist, this simple adjustment, could classify the etching as something entirely different. Interestingly, there are more details in her reflection. So perhaps we can assume that, to a tasteful buyer, it’s not ‘erotic’ if full nudity is withheld for reflections only. Goetze, after all, had to sell his works to the general public.

Goetze studied at the Leipzig Academy and the Munich Academy. He was awarded the Saxon State Prize in 1914.

Signed in pencil, framed and glazed.

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Medium: Etching on paper
Overall size: 14½” x 17½” / 37cm x 45cm
Year of creation: c. 1915
Condition: Artwork presents well.
Our reference: BRV1139

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