Michael Qvarsebo, Town Under Moonlight

Michael Qvarsebo, Town Under Moonlight

An atmospheric oil on canvas depicting a town under moonlight by Swedish artist, Michael Qvarsebo (b.1945).

We love the way that he's liberally added texture with thick layers of oil paint and loose brushwork. The buildings are little more than a silhouette with the ones in the foreground appearing more prominent through the use of impasto.

Michael Qvarsebo currently works from his studio in Bergsgård where he finds solace from the hurly-burly of modern life. His talent for painting emerged at the age of 16 following a difficult period of his childhood. In an interview with Swedish newspaper, Hallandsposten, he recalls: “When all of my peers were out partying, I stood by the easel instead.”

To this day, his art remains his escape and he’s particularly well known for his surrealist depictions of colourful felines. Cats are close to his heart and his works are always in high demand.

The painting is signed/dated in the lower right.

Oil on canvas
Overall size
15” x 10” / 35cm x 28cm
Year of creation
Very good with no issues.
Artist’s auction highlight
£750 achieved for ‘Imaginärt katporträt’ in 2001.