Jules-Louis Dusaussay, Barbizon School Landscape With Cottages, Chickens & Figure

Jules-Louis Dusaussay, Barbizon School Landscape With Cottages, Chickens & Figure

An atmospheric 19th-century oil on canvas depicting a rural scene with chickens, cottages and a woman washing linens.

A worn pathway winds between two buckled trees and leads onto open pasture where several chickens peck the earth. While, in the foreground, a woman dressed in a blue dress with a white apron is kneeling by a pond and washing laundry.

Stylistically, the painting fits with the approach taken by the Barbizon school of artists who were active between 1830-1870. These were some of the first to truly embrace painting outdoors and they’re seen as a precursor to the French impressionists. Many of their works were created in the forest of Fontainebleau near the village of Barbizon.

The artist, Jules-Louis Dusaussay (b. 1828), was trained by the great landscape painter, Louis Cabat (1812-1893), and is known to have exhibited at the illustrious Paris salon in 1864.

Oil on canvas
Overall size 
21” x 25½” / 54cm x 65cm
Year of creation c. 1870
Provenance France
Good overall condition. Canvas relined. A few streaks towards the bottom right which may be related to the varnish. They’re only visible in certain lights and can be removed if you wish.
Artist’s auction highlight
£1,227 achieved for ‘Scène Champêtre Dans La Vallée De La Seine’ (47cm x 31cm) in 1990.

Conservation & History

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