Hungarian School Portrait Of A Woman In Pink

Hungarian School Portrait Of A Woman In Pink

A fabulous 1930s portrait of a lady wearing a pink blouse, jewellery and a straw picture hat trimmed with a silk sash. The portrait was painted in 1932 but her look is synonymous with the roaring 20s.

Wide-brimmed picture hats with round crowns were all the rage during the Summer. In an era when image was everything, the sides were designed to droop down and frame the face like a picture.

By today’s standards, her look feels quite casual but in the 1920s women would don this attire for a night out on the town. We particularly love her smokey eyes, which remind us of the flappers in the Great Gatsby.

The painting is signed/dated in the upper left and housed within a decorative swept frame that’s probably the original.

Oil on canvas
Overall size
24½” x 30” / 62cm x 76cm
Year of creation
Artwork in good condition with no issues. The frame has age-related wear including some cracks to its plaster, so some areas are a little fragile.