Frederik Christian Jakobsen Kiaerskou, Landscape With Deer & Pond

Frederik Christian Jakobsen Kiaerskou, Landscape With Deer & Pond

A 19th-century oil painting depicting a beautiful view across a lake on the edge of a picturesque forest. The artist, Frederik Christian Jakobsen Kiaerskou (1805-1891), has captured the light beautifully as it falls across the scene - with the trees creating rippling reflections in the water.

Kiaerskou was particularly adept at graduated skies and well-versed in handling light. He was trained by the well-known landscape painter, Jens Peter Møller (1783-1854), and later became a member of the Royal Danish Art Academy. In 1963, he was commissioned to paint a depiction of Bernstorff Castle for Princess Alexandra of Denmark to celebrate her marriage to Edward VII.

The painting is housed within a gilded period frame and inscribed on the reverse.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 19½” x 23” / 50cm x 58cm
Year of creation: c. 1870
Provenance: Denmark
Condition: Fine craquelure throughout with the paint a little flaky in areas - although generally stable. Frame with some chips and repairs.
Artist’s auction highlight: £12,000 achieved for ‘A View Towards Soro Academy’ at Christie’s in 2011.

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