Ernst Nowak (Attributed), Portrait Of A Gentleman

Ernst Nowak (Attributed), Portrait Of A Gentleman

A fine late 19th-century portrait of a gentleman attributed to Austrian painter, Ernst Nowak (1853-1919).

He’s wearing his collars stiff and high, as per the fashion of the 1880s, and sports a carefully waxed moustache.

Nowak painted this early in his career and he’s predominantly known for his religious scenes, genre scenes and portraits. He was taught by Carl Wurzinger (1817-1883) and August Eisenmenger (1830-1907) at the Vienna Academy. Several of his works are held in museums.

The portrait is signed (an early signature) on the right and housed within an elaborate period frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 24½” x 28½” / 62cm x 72cm
Year of creation: 1880
Provenance: Austria
Condition: Areas of craquelure but the paint layer is stable. Frame with some cracks and areas of overpainting.
Artist’s auction highlight: £6,840 achieved for ‘Die Beiden Schwestern’ at auction in 1996.

Conservation & History

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