Edvard Petersen, Forest View, Fussingø, Jutland

Edvard Petersen, Forest View, Fussingø, Jutland

This 19th-century oil on canvas depicts a wooded view within the attractive forests of Jutland, Denmark. The colouring is simple yet sublime - earthy natural tones working in harmony to describe nature’s splendour.

The artist, Edvard Petersen (1841-1911), has us standing on a worn woodland track - essentially a ditch cut into the landscape. On either side, the earth is raised, possibly too steep to clamber up. While ahead, a wall of pines form a barricade to a further view. A glimpse of a golden hue hints at open scenery beyond.

During the 1860s/70s, Edvard Petersen worked in a style influenced by one of the masters of romantic Danish landscape painting, Vilhelm Kyhn (1819-1903). Kyhn’s landscapes are often exquisitely rendered and celebrate an idealised view of nature.

The painting is monogrammed, dated and housed within a gilt frame.

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Medium: Oil on canvas laid on wood
Overall size: 17” x 20½” / 43cm x 52cm
Year of creation: 1871
Condition: Craquelure in areas. Frame with light wear.
Artist’s Auction Highlight: £21,938 achieved for ‘Gadeparti fra Rom’ at an auction in 2007