Dutch School, The Wedding Arranger

Dutch School, The Wedding Arranger

This charming early 19th-century interior scene depicts a Dutch wedding in the 17th-century. It’s a whimsical look back into a time gone by.

Here we see a young lady dressed in the appropriate attire taking the hand of an older gentleman. The room is sparsely decorated aside from two artworks - a landscape and a religious piece. The scene is abundant with symbolism that warrants further exploration. Note, for example, the chap in the red cloak disguising his face - could this be a reference to deceit?

Housed within an appropriate later frame.

Medium: Oil on tin
Overall size: 16½” x 29” / 42cm x 50cm
Year of creation: c. 1800
Condition: Minor paint losses, light abrasions. Frame with some wear.