Carl Siegfried Stoitzner, Portrait Of An Old Salt

Carl Siegfried Stoitzner, Portrait Of An Old Salt

A characterful portrait of a grizzled old fisherman by Austrian painter, Carl Siegfried Stoitzner (1866-1944). He looks towards us with a quizzical expression and a slight smirk - perhaps concealing a few tales from the ocean.

Portraits of grizzled fisherman are extremely common but most are lacking the depth that you find here. Stoitzner has somehow captured a layer of mystery that brings intrigue and a desire to know more. What stories would he tell? How does he feel about you?

The portrait is signed in the lower left and housed within a fine swept frame that could be its original.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 9½” x 11½” / 24cm x 29cm
Year of creation: c. 1910
Provenance: USA
Condition: Minor paint loss towards the bottom of the canvas. Frame with cracks and age-related wear.
Artist’s auction highlight: £5,136 achieved for Weissenkirchen in der Wachau, zur Zeit der Marillenblüte at auction in 2010.