British School, Portrait Of A Lady In Black

British School, Portrait Of A Lady In Black

An early 20th-century portrait of a lady wearing a black dress and a pearl-set crucifix pendant. It’s a captivating piece that’s brimming with atmosphere.

The background is particularly intriguing and it’s interesting to consider what the artist was trying to achieve. It appears as if she’s merged with her environment - the foliage of a tree surrounding her figure.

The sentiment is a little reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement, which is characterised by organic forms and a merging of figures with the natural world. The Art Nouveau period ran from around 1890 to 1910 so could've been an influence here.

The portrait is housed within a gilded frame that’s possibly its original.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 26½” x 35½” / 68cm x 90cm
Year of creation: c. 1910
Provenance: England
Condition: Light craquelure but the paint layer is stable. Canvas relined. Frame with some age-related wear including a missing piece on the right.