19th-Century Danish School Coastal Landscape With Figures

19th-Century Danish School Coastal Landscape With Figures

This charming 19th-century Danish school landscape depicts a coastal view towards a busy stretch of water. It’s beautifully rendered, with the fine details carefully observed, and underpinned by an interesting composition.

In the foreground, two gentlemen and a lady are holding a discussion. One appears to be a naval officer of some description. While behind them, a couple are walking their dog - with the gentleman pointing ahead, perhaps planning a route. Scattered throughout the piece, you’ll notice a variety of figures, each with their own story.

Aside from the people, the most notable aspect is an attractive tree-lined road that twists out of view towards a distant vanishing point. Each tree is captured sublimely with the light catching the foremost branches. A single horseback rider gallops out of the shade.

The work is unsigned but the artist probably studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Housed in a gilt frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 45½” x 35½” / 116cm x 89cm
Year of creation: c. 1860
Condition: Craquelure but overall very presentable. Frame with some age-related wear.