18th-Century Crucifixion With The Virgin Mary And Cherubs

18th-Century Crucifixion With The Virgin Mary And Cherubs

A beautifully rendered portrayal of Christ’s crucifixion, which dates to the 18th-century. It depicts Christ on the cross with a crown of thorns, bright halo and white robe. At his feet, the Virgin Mary kneels as she prays for him.

Religious scenes of this nature tend to be based on another work, often by an old master. However, this piece appears to be an original by a skilful hand. For instance, it’s rare to find Mary unaccompanied at the foot of the cross as usually there are other figures such as a disciple or Mary Magdalene.

The painting is housed within what appears to be its original giltwood frame.

Oil on canvas
Size including frame
13⅔” x 17¼” / 35cm x 44cm
Year of creation
c. 1750
Overall, given its age, the canvas is in reasonable condition with craquelure throughout. It’s thickly woven and almost leathery in appearance. There are a few pinholes which were caused by a historic worm issue but that’s now long gone. The frame has various scuffs and losses but holds together well.

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