Wahlström, Filip Artur (1885-1972)

Wahlström, Filip Artur (1885-1972)
Wahlström, Filip Artur (1885-1972)

Filip Artur Wahlström was an accomplished Swedish painter of landscapes, rural villages, and still lifes. Hailing from Gothenburg, his legacy is one of vivid colours, controlled expression, and balanced compositions.

He trained at a time of great transition for Swedish art and his development coincided with the emergence of Swedish Modernism. Studying first in Gothenburg and Stockholm, his path led him ultimately to the busy environs of the short-lived Académie Matisse in Paris (Henri Matisse's painting school). Numerous Scandinavians trained here but the master only personally taught for one year - finding the commitment tiring and onerous. It’s said that he was difficult to please, urging his students to strive for originality rather than simply fit in with current trends. Each week he’d critique various works, which many found nerve-shattering but rewarding.

Many of the Swedish ‘Modernists’, such as Isaac Grünewald, trained with Matisse and in 1909, made their debut in Stockholm. At this early point in his career, Wahlström was surrounded by creative spirits and thrust into an electrifying array of new ideas. His style generally balances the freedoms, usually associated with Modernism, with a degree of constraint. And his still lifes, in particular, are fairly traditional.

Aside from the Académie Matisse, he also trained at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Konstnärsförbundets School in Stockholm and under Carl Wilhelmson. His works are held in numerous public collections including at Gothenburg Art Museum.


Gothenburg Art Gallery, Lorensberg's art salon in Gothenburg, Liljevalch's Art Gallery in Stockholm.

Public Collections

Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg History Museum, Gothenburg Maritime Museum.



Born in Gothenburg to Axel Gustaf Samuel Wahlström, as sea captain, and Alice Maud Wahlström (nee Seaton).

Studied under Gerhard Henning.


Studied at Valand, Gothenburg, under Carl Wilhelmson.


Studied sculpture at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.


Studied at Konstnärsförbundets School, Stockholm, under Richard Bergh.


Shared a studio with Gerhard Henning.


Studied at the Académie Matisse (Henri Matisse's painting school), Paris.

Undertook various study trips including to Munich, Florence and London.


First solo exhibitions were held, including at Lorensberg's art salon, Gothenburg.


Shown at Liljevalch's Art Gallery, Stockholm.


Awarded the ‘Medal of Merit’ in gold by the city of Gothenburg.


Published his memoirs titled “Sanningen om Filip”.


Died in Gothenburg.

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