Von Boeckh, Emma (fl.1877-1895)

Von Boeckh, Emma (fl.1877-1895)

German artist Emma Von Boeckh was primarily known as a landscape painter but also produced animal portraits. She was predominantly self-taught but also worked under ‘Dettmann’ in Horst.


Kunsthandlung Lichtenberg in Dresden.


C. 1854

Possibly born in Karlsruhe, Germany to Friedrich Michael von Boeckh and Sofie L. A. von Boeckh (nee Fritz).

Initially self-taught.


Studied under ‘Dettmann’, in Horst.
Reviewed in ‘La Plume’, a French artistic and literary journal, following an exhibition in Dresden.


Mentioned in the German magazine, ‘Zeitschrift für Bildende Kunst’.

“It would be an injustice to ignore the fact that there are currently a number of female painters living in Dresden whose achievements can easily be seen alongside those of some of their male colleagues. Johanna Schille z. B., although only a dilettante, overcomes more than usual difficulties and Emma von Boeckh, Clotilde Schilling and Rita Bömm are artists who serious criticism cannot ignore.

What hard work, energy and perseverance can achieve even within a short period of time could be clearly seen in Emma von Boeckh's landscapes exhibited at Lichtenberg. Previously working essentially without the guidance of a teacher, Miss von Boeckh worked last summer under Dettmann's supervision in Horst on the Baltic Sea and made progress that appears equally honourable for the teacher as for the student.

Her ‘harvest landscape’ in the most blazing sunburn is a study of a power and truth that is rare for a lady and is worthy of all praise because there is not the slightest attempt made here to soften the simple seriousness of the truth by adding genre-like features and so on to make the picture more palatable for the crowd.”

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