Van Her, Carlo (1884-1960)

Van Her, Carlo (1884-1960)

Carlo Van Her (also known as Charles Van Herbruggen) was a Belgian painter of landscapes, seascapes and figures.

Very little is known about the career of this Brussels-born artist aside from his remaining works, which are often light-filled and distinctly impressionistic. Training at the Brussels Academy under symbolist painter Jean Delville (1867-1953), Van Her’s philosophy appears to be considerably more ‘laissez-faire’ than his assertive tutor.

Van Her’s landscapes are akin to dreams, casually daubed together in harmonious colours. Rarely overworked and generally rather tranquil.

Later in life he taught at the Academy of Sint-Joost-ten-Node and he’s represented at museums in Tournai and Antwerp.


Born in Brussels, Belgium.


Studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels under Jean Delville (from 1909).


Solo exhibition in Brussels.



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