Turner, Charles (1774-1857)

Turner, Charles (1774-1857)

Charles Turner ARA was an English engraver who is best known for his portraiture. He produced predominantly mezzotint engravings and was a close associate of JMW Turner’s.


Born in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England to Charles and Jane. His mother was a companion to the Duchess of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace.

c. 1789

Moved to London and worked for John Boydell, a print publisher.

Enrolled in the Royal Academy Schools where he met JMW Turner.


Produced his first mezzotint engraving.


Employed by publisher Edward Orme.


Produced a mezzotint of JMW Turner’s shipwreck - the first print produced of the artist’s works.

Began collaborating with JMW Turner on his Liber Studiorum. The two fell out in 1809 due to an issue with money. The quarrel lasted for several years.


Appointed Mezzotinto Engraver in Ordinary to his Majesty.


Elected an associate of the Royal Academy.


Died in London, England, and buried at Highgate Cemetery.

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