Terlouw, Kees (1890-1948)

Terlouw, Kees (1890-1948)

Kees Terlouw (1890-1948) was an accomplished Dutch painter of landscapes, interior scenes and still lifes. He trained in Rotterdam and later moved to France.

His river landscapes are particularly tranquil and enlivened with emotive light effects. While his interiors emphasise the enduring love that exists between a mother and child.

His choice of subjects alludes to an artist who enjoyed nature’s reflective moods, treasured his own family, and was, perhaps, a romantic at heart. There’s an emotional quality running through his oeuvre yet this is applied with a sense of controlled professionalism.

With regards to his handling, his brushwork is fairly robust and often delivered in a low-key palette. He would’ve been aware of the Hague School and was perhaps influenced by them.

He’s represented in various public collections.


Art Gallery Louyot, Actuaryus Gallery in Strasbourg, Rue des Forges Gallery.

Public Collections

University of Göttingen, Art History Museum in Magdeburg, Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus in Munich, Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.



Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Studied in Rotterdam.


Married Anna Putting in Rotterdam.

Travelled to Utrecht and The Hague.


Married Henrika Geertruida Bouter in The Hague.


Moved to France.


Reviewed in Le Petit Havre.


Exhibited at Rue des Forges Gallery.

Exhibited at Art Gallery Louyot.

Reviewed in Le Messin.
“The artist offers to our admiration a beautiful series of canvases reflecting with delicacy the soul and the atmosphere of the Dutch country. The Dordrecht region is familiar to him. With an art that recalls that of the Dutch masters, but where the modern process makes sense. Note, its flowers of a precious colour and the vase that contains them, such transparency that we 'feel' the water with which it is filled.”


Exhibited at Actuaryus Gallery in Strasbourg.


Died in Saint-Maur-Des-Fosses, France.

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