Artist Directory — Austria

Stöckler, Emanuel (1819-1893)

Austrian artist Emanuel Stöckler painted finely detailed, incredibly realistic interior portraits and sweeping landscapes of countries across Europe and the ...
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Hayd, Karl (1882-1945)

Karl Hayd was an extremely accomplished Austrian artist who covered a wide range of subjects in his art over the course of his lifetime. Not applying himself...
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Fuchs, Ernst (1930-2015)

Ernst Fuchs is considered as one of the finest artists to emerge from Austria, iconic for his fantastical, surreal works. His contribution to the furtherance...
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Jungwirth, Josef (1869-1950)

Josef Jungwirth was born in Vienna and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He’s best known for accompanying Archduke Franz Ferdinand on his travels and crea...
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Kunwald, Cæsar (1870-1947)

Cæsar Kunwald was a well-travelled artist primarily known for his enchanting portraits, which are imbued with a sense of style, spirit and character. Initial...
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Mayer, August Georg (1834-1889)

August Georg Mayer was born in Vienna and worked predominantly as a portraitist. His style was broadly traditional and he often gave his subjects a sense of ...
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