Svensson, Roland (1910-2003)

Svensson, Roland (1910-2003)
Svensson, Roland (1910-2003)

Swedish artist Roland Svensson is primarily known for his colourful views of Stockholm’s enchanting archipelago but equally admired for his writing. The picturesque clusters of islands were a continual source of inspiration and he spent many years studying them.

Today, Svensson is represented in various public collections including the National Museum in Stockholm, the Gothenburg Museum of Art and his own museum in Möja.


Born in Johannes Parish, Stockholm, Sweden.


Studied at Blomberg's painting school.


Study trip to London.


Studied lithography under Harald Sallberg at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

Study trip to France. Travelled to the World's Fair in Paris. Later undertook a pilgrimage to Van Gogh's grave in Auvers-Sur-Oise.

Moved to Paris in the Autumn where he produced numerous drawings and lithographs with an anti-war sentiment.


Returned to Sweden where he spent the Summer in Möja and the Gillögaskärgården with the poet, Nils Ferlin (1898-1961). The archipelago at Gillögaskärgården proved to be an inspiration vista that he returned to throughout his career.


Undertook a reportage trip along the Swedish coast, during which time they experienced Germany’s attack on Norway and Denmark.

Graduated from the Academy and held his first solo exhibition.

Known to have lived in Möja, inspired by the scenery - often lodging in residents’ sheds.


Travelled to the Orkney Islands and the Hebrides.


Published his first book, Solitary Islands.


Published Archipelago Life in the Past.


Published My Archipelago and Yours.


Published Svenska Lillö.


Died in Nacka Parish, Stockholm, Sweden.

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