Stohr, Alvin (1874-1941)

Stohr, Alvin (1874-1941)

Swedish artist Alvin Stohr produced a large selection of works during his career, including portraits, still lifes, genre scenes, and landscapes. Stohr would be heavily influenced by his tutor, the renowned Swedish artist Anders Zorn (1860-1920), from whom he learned much in his early career. Zorn has been commonly dubbed the ‘Swedish impressionist,’ and the efforts of his teachings can clearly be seen in Stohr’s work. Each brushstroke brings his paintings to life, be it flowers bunched vivaciously in a vase or water welling and swelling a boat upon its tide in a harbour scene.

Much of the vivacity Zorn was praised for in his brushwork is evident in the work of his student. It was a popular theme in Swedish art at the time to depict scenes of folk and country life, and Stohr executes such scenes with his lively brush. There is a hint of the realism Zorn was also praised for in his work, too. Despite his impressionist style, Stohl does not lose sight of reality, and trees cast a dappled shade and the water is a looming presence in the background.

Although little is known about the personal details of Stohl’s life, he did spend some time working and travelling in America. Potentially he first journeyed over there with Zorn on one of the esteemed painter’s many trips. Impressionism was popular over in the States, too, and so perhaps Stohl did find some success there, although it was only a few years later he travelled back to Europe.

He settled in Finland for a time before finally returning to Sweden to live until his death in Stockholm. Stohl is a fascinating example of the vivacity of Swedish art in the late 19th and early 20th-Century, demonstrating its power as a national movement and its appeal to foreign countries.


Born in Copenhagen.


Studied privately under Anders Zorn.


Travelled to America.


Travelled to Finland to continue his studies at the Finish Art Association’s drawing school Ateneum, Helsinki.


Moved to Stockholm.


Died in Stockholm.

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