Rippingille, Thornton (1830-1863)

Rippingille, Thornton (1830-1863)

Thornton Rippingille was a British portrait artist predominantly known for his fine depictions of industrial entrepreneurs and inventors, which were often commissioned by his patron Bennet Woodcroft FRS (1803-1879). He was trained by his father, Edward Villiers Rippingille (1798-1859), who exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and was a close associate of Francis Danby.

His career was cut short at the age of 33 and, hence, very few examples of his works remain. He’s represented at the Science Museum.


British Institution.

Public Collections

Science Museum.



Born, a triplet, in Bristol to Edward Villiers Rippingille, a successful portrait painter, and Sarah Jane Rippingille (nee Rudman). His grandfather was a farmer.

Trained by his father.


Shown at the British Institution. An exhibition of ‘copies from the old masters’. A work after Giorgione’s The Nativity.


Lived in Chorlton, Lancashire.
Shown at the Museum of the Commissioners of Patents at South Kensington, London. A Portrait of Thomas Dunn, inventor.


Lived in Chorlton, Lancashire with his widowed mother, sister, three boarders and two lodgers. Recorded occupation as ‘Portrait Painter’.


Died in Chorlton, Lancashire.

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