Privat-Livemont, Henri (1861-1936)

Privat-Livemont, Henri (1861-1936)

Renowned Belgian artist Henri Privat-Livemont is primarily known for his sensuous art nouveau posters but also for producing some of the finest examples of ‘sgraffiti’ wall decor. He trained at the studios of Lemaire, Lavastre & Duvignaud in Paris and, during the early part of his career, undertook various decorative projects for prestigious Parisian patrons - both public and private.

He became a poster designer somewhat by chance after winning a competition in Schaerbeek and this defining moment led to him producing many of the most iconic designs of the period. He’s often compared with his eminent contemporary Alphonse Mucha. He’s represented in numerous public collections including at the V&A.


Paris Salon, Haarlem, Rotterdam.

Public Collections

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, V&A Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Art Museum at Rutgers University, Art Institute of Chicago.



Born in Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium. The son of a coal trader.


Studied at the École des Arts Decoratifs in Sint-Joost-ten-Node under Louis Hendrickx.


Trained and worked in the studios of Lemaire, Lavastre & Duvignaud in Paris.
Assisted with the decor for the Theatre Français and the Hôtel de Ville, Paris.

Married the model Madeleine ‘Madelon’ Brown.


Returned to Schaerbeek.
Won a poster design competition for the Cercle Artistique de Schaerbeek, a local art appreciation society. This provided the motivation to focus on posters.

Begins work as a draughtsman and correspondent for Le Monde Illustré. Also undertook some work for La Réforme.


Taught ‘Ornament, Figure and Ornamental Composition’ at the Josephat School for Drawing and Crafts.


Designed a poster for Absinthe Robette, which is today regarded as one of the most iconic designs of the Art Nouveau period.


Designed a poster for the Brussels International Exposition.


Produced his first sgraffito, which is a wall decor technique. He would receive numerous accolades for sgraffiti, collaborating with various architects.


Solo exhibition in Haarlem, The Netherlands.


Solo exhibition in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Died in Schaerbeek.

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